Kyiv-Berlin based cross-media collaborative art-formation digging in the fields of sound art, modern poetry approaches, social sculpture, participative music-healing and educational practices

We are a process more than a band, we are experience more than a concert
We spread the nets of musical materia by inviting a lot of different musicians to contribute and collaborate

We share our poetry kitchen with other voices and verses, that is why we have an impressive amount of poets and verses that enriched the lines of Picnic Player

We work with space, time and circumstances and play very different music

Follow: youtube, instagram, soundcloud
We create the vibe that invites to reflect either over the poetic infusions, or over the electronic music as a tool for self-expression

Openness – both inner and outer – is what helps the project to be so mutative and border-tackling. We've been a radio show, a modern type of poetry book, a place for improvisation as well as an arthealing tool, also a soundtrack for instagram-educational show, for the movie of our own production that is to be r eleased and, also, for some people's lives
web cab of Bogdan Bondarchuk
tg @evenifitis